Mere Raises A Baby

Sorry in advance, future generations!

Sorry I can’t hear you, I just blew away.

on March 10, 2013

Not to sound like a 90s stand up comedian, but what is the deal with this weather lately? I’ve lived twentysomething years in the same area and I don’t remember ever having these wind storms like this. At first it was fun, because watching empty shopping carts ghost ride across parking lots and seeing every trash can on my street get knocked over at the same time is kind of hilarious but now it’s just getting bananas. My front yard looks like a pile of dead leaves (because that’s what it is), there’s constantly junk blowing in to our pool, and I’ve had to wander out into the back yard on more than one occasion to rescue my patio furniture from the neighbor’s fence. You guys THE WIND MADE ME GO OUTSIDE! Unforgiveable.

Getting out of the car last night I got hit with about a million leaves, twigs, and whatever else was flying around on the breeze. Was not aware that it could rain leaves, but I found that out that it can, and they will fly into your car and land in your drink. Am I being dumb? Has spring always been like this and I just wasn’t paying attention? Or has this been a little extra ridiculous this year? Stop it, weather, you’re drunk.



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