Mere Raises A Baby

Sorry in advance, future generations!

Spring forward, right off a cliff.

on March 12, 2013

Whose brilliant idea was the stupid time change? (DON’T EMAIL ME!) I thought it was a dumb idea when I was working and in school and stuff because really, it just throws everything off but now with a baby who has chosen his own schedule, I must ask: ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME? Baby A has chosen what I consider to be a reasonable bedtime. At some point between 8 and 9 he gets fussy, I feed him, rock him, and he’s off to night night land. It works because by then D has been home a while, I have gotten a few things done, and it’s a good stopping point for me to take a little while and let him go to sleep.

But now, thanks to some jagweed from 100 years ago, Baby A has no idea when to go to bed. You might think that he would just go to bed an hour later than he did before, but no. Thanks to his confusion, it’s really hard to get him bathed or anything before he just decides to lose it (you’ve gotta get that done before he gets sleepy or else you’re just bathing a squirming pile of screams that hates you) and having to tiptoe around our bedroom after he goes to sleep at an unpredictable time is…I’m not a fan of it.

And Baby A is awesome at a lot of things but one thing he’s never really gotten the hang of is “wake up time.” He is usually up to eat sometime between 4 and 5, but in the past he has always gone right back to sleep, providing me and D with a couple more hours of much-needed rest. Now? Not.

So I’d like to extend the sincerest of middle fingers to the whole time change in general. Go home, time change, I hate you.



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