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Sorry in advance, future generations!

A game of lost remote chicken

D and I have been playing a little game lately. It’s kind of like Fight Club – We haven’t talked about it (which is obviously rule #1) but we both know what’s going on. The game? Lost remote chicken. The remote control to our bedroom TV is missing and has been for several days now. Usually, anything that is lost turns up in the bed or somewhere near the recliner but nope, not this time. I have no idea where it is. And that’s kind of the point: I’m not looking for it. It’s probably on the floor or under the bed or, even worse, lost in the chasm between the bed and the wall, but I don’t feel like going to look for it. Because the moment I start to I’m going to have to search until I find it, and what if I don’t want to do that? Yeah. Not interested.

That’s the dumbest thing you’ve ever heard, you say? Well how’s this: D knows it’s missing too. D has had to get up to adjust the volume several times. But D’s not looking for it either. Why not? See above.

And so until one of us decides to be the bigger person (or the sucker) and go on a wild remote chase, we will silently stare each other down, pretend we don’t notice the remote is missing, get up to turn the TV on/off/adjust the volume, and get on with our lives. Because we’re ridiculous, that’s why.

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Shiny Object of the Moment

Move over, neon nail polish! Your five minutes is up and you’ve been replaced as my current obsession. SO: If you have kids or have shopped for gifts for friends with kids, you are probably at least familiar with the Aden + Anais line of blankets. They are famous for their supersoft muslin and cotton baby blankets. Their blankets are, indeed, awesome. This post has nothing to do with their blankets. You *might* be aware that Aden + Anais has a skincare line called Mum + Bub. It’s pretty fantastic. There is a hair and body wash as well as a lotion, and their whole thing about their skincare is that it is “designed for mums but gentle enough for babies.” So basically you can share your products between yourself and your baby, which is a nice convenience, but really people love their stuff because it smells like Heaven, and a little bit of sandalwood. I would not be disappointed if I got to Heaven and it smelled like Aden + Anais. BUT this post has nothing to do with their skin care either. Nope. Laundry. This post is about laundry.

It seems natural that a company known for their soft blankets would produce a detergent and fabric softener, sure, but I don’t know what took them so dang long. I haven’t tried the detergent yet because I’m really stupid, but I bought the fabric softener off Amazon and OHMIGAWD. It’s fantastic! It leaves my clothes feeling super soft and OMG that SMELL. It’s the same heavenly light sandalwood scent as the Mum + Bub skin care line, but all over my clothes. And D’s clothes. And, thanks to being made from a gentle, naturally-derived formula, Baby A’s clothes. It actually makes me WANT to do laundry, which I don’t think has ever happened before.

So. Yes. In my world of quickly shifting product obsessions, Aden + Anais fabric softener is currently winning. Next time you run in to me in public smell my clothes. You won’t be sorry!

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