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AWW YISSS Buffalo Chicken Dip

Alright, as promised. What I’m sharing with you is a little piece of my soul AND now that you have this recipe you also have the power to steal D away from me as it is one of his absolute favorite things in life. Ladies and gentlemen (but really just Mom bc you’re my #1 fan and only reader) I give you: Crock-Pot Buffalo Chicken Dip.

Step 1: Gather your ingredients. Super easy, you will need:
1 Awesome Crock Pot (extra points if it’s the adorable one that me and literally all your girlfriends have because TARGET!)
1.5-2 lbs of boneless/skinless chicken Do NOT use canned chicken, I am not kidding, this is not 1960, canned meat is gross.
Frank’s Red Hot – I used about 1/2 of that bottle
8 oz. cream cheese
1 pkg dry ranch mix

What’s that, you say? The ranch dip is missing? Correct, you eagle-eyed reader you! The ranch dip was indeed missing that day. I had bought some and flat out couldn’t remember where I put it when I got home. #mommybrain

Step 2: Everything into the Crock Pot. Not sure if order really counts but I go chicken, sauce, cream cheese, ranch mix. And since I’m awesome you should probably do it that way too.


Step 3: Turn that sucker on. No really, it is that simple. I usually let the Crock Pot do its thing for about 6 hours on low or 4 hours on high, your mileage may vary. Just remember that you’re using ACTUAL CHICKEN (not canned chicken, that’s gross!) so it needs to be cooked thoroughly.

Step 3B: FIND THE RANCH DIP! BE EXCITED ABOUT IT! ADD IT TO THE POT! You will probably get to skip this step because you, unlike me, probably have your shit together.




Step 4: After about 2-3 hours start giving it a good stir every hour or so. Admittedly, it doesn’t look delicious at this point BUT I promise you it will start to smell amazing and it will taste much better than it looks. Swear!


Step 5: Once your chicken is cooked through you need to shred it (if it hasn’t come apart already on its own). Using chicken thighs this can usually be done just with a spoon, they literally fall apart as you stir. If you’re using chicken breasts then you may need to get in there with two forks and get to work. It’s super easy, it takes like 30 seconds.

It may feel like there’s way too much liquid in the Crock Pot before you shred your chicken but fear not, once you start shredding that stuff it soaks everything up.

Step 6: Serve. I like to serve this as a dip in a bread bowl (King’s Hawaiian, obvs) but there is literally not a limit to what you can do with this. D likes to put it in a wrap or on a sammich bun (again, King’s Hawaiian). I see no problem with just grabbing a spoon and diving in but apparently that’s “not ladylike.” Also I took this to a baby shower last night and the (adorable) mama to be declared that this is delicious on top of pizza and/or hot dogs so I guess you could try that too.


Ok that’s all. You’re done. Like $10 worth of ingredients in a slow cooker and you’ve got yourself a kick ass party dip that everyone will want the recipe for. I know because every time I make this stuff everyone wants the recipe. Go cook something.

EDIT: I kind of ballpark that this makes about 10 servings, where a “serving” is about the size of what you can scoop up with a ladle. Doubling the recipe shouldn’t be a problem, just be sure to increase cooking time. Per the MyFitnessPal app, the breakdown for the recipe goes as follows:
Serving size: 1/10 of a recipe. Calories: 297. Total fat: 22.5g. Cholesterol: 127.5mg. Sodium 2165.3mg. Total carbs: 5.3g. Protein: 21.3g. Doesn’t take in to account any bread, crackers, etc. 🙂

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Crazy-Train of Thought

For most of my life I’ve been a bit of a runner – I played a lot of soccer as a kid and teenager so I did a lot of running on my own time to stay in shape and I ran a lot in college to stay fit. I kinda fell off the running wagon in my later 20s but the past few months I have picked it up again and it’s actually going really well. At the same time, finding time to do some exercise while I’ve got the kid in my care isn’t always easy (He hates the play room at my gym, bummer!) so lately we have been taking lots of long walks on the trails in our neighborhood. He likes it because they all lead to parks (most of them lead to several parks, actually) and I like it because I get some exercise and some outdoor playtime.

Very recently, I got brave and started running certain parts of the trails with the jogging stroller. Let me tell you, IT IS RIDICULOUS. It’s the kind of decision that I instantly regret as soon as I start. Good runners will tell you that a lot of running is mental and that mental toughness can get you through even the most grueling runs. I, however, am a pretty terrible runner, and want to share my running misery with all of you. Here are the thoughts that inevitably go through my head every time I run with that damn stroller:

1. Doo bee doo, running down the trail, I bet I look adorable pushing my cute baby down the trail, look how cute we are everybody!
2. Ugh it’s so freaking hot. I hope the kid is enjoying the extra breeze he’s getting thanks to my fabulous speed.
3. HOLY SHIT is that a snake?
4. Oh nope, it’s a stick.
5. I wonder how many snakes are out here. And squirrels. And bears.
6. I bet a bear is watching me right now. If I were a bear, where would I be hiding?
7. Could I fight off a bear if one attacked me? What would I do? Try not to look delicious. I should probably have a bear plan.
8. Beer plan. Beer sounds super good right now.
9. HOLY SHIT is that a snake??
10. Nope, ‘nother stick.
11. OMG seriously, so hot. And how is this entire trail uphill?
12. This stroller weighs a million pounds. I’m not even kidding. It’s basically a pack animal. WTF did we bring with us?
13. Oh hi, other runner, you look so fresh and happy running along all by yourself, unencumbered by the steel and nylon chariot of your offspring. Ok I don’t really know what strollers are made of.
14. I hate this. I hate it so much. But I can’t stop because everyone else will see me stop and then they will know I’m a weenie. RUN!
15. 26 lbs of stroller, 34 lbs of kid, 5 lbs of extra crap, I am literally pushing 65 lbs up this stupid hill right now.
16. Look at the kid, he isn’t even impressed by how awesome I am being right now.
17. Oh crap, he lost his shoe. Where’s his freaking shoe? Oh wait no, it’s still there.
18. I’m dying. I’m never going to finish this. We are going to have to live here, in the woods, forever. My child will become feral. This is how it ends.
19. Ahh shade, bathe me in your shadowy greatness!
20. Oh running downhill and in the shade really isn’t so bad. Oh wait I’m not actually pushing the stroller, it’s just rolling away from me while I jog behind it.
21. HOLY SHIT is that a snake?!
22. That one may have been a snake. Gross. I could never live outside.
23. And what is that smell? Outside is disgusting.
24. Yes I see you, biker. Good for you, yes you’re very fast, we are all impressed. Don’t run me over.
25. OOOOOH I see the end of the trail! Run! Run like the wind!
26. Ok, lots of people over here, try not to look like you’re dying. CONCEAL DON’T FEEL.
27. Wow the end of the trail looked a lot closer. Don’t die, don’t die, don’t die. Seriously, is someone MOVING the end of the trail?
28. YESSS DONE! Ok be cool. Get some water…push this GODAWFUL contraption (the stroller, not the kid) to a shady spot…sit down gracefully DO NOT FLOP ONTO THE BENCH LIKE A DISGUSTING WET TOWEL you are not an animal!
29. I lived! That sucked!

PS Guys one time it really was a snake. A big one. It was horrifying.

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