Mere Raises A Baby

Sorry in advance, future generations!


I’m a mom and wife living and writing in Austin, TX. I like my kid, my husband, my dog, most of my family, a few of my friends, and all of the wine. I enjoy writing, nap time, crocheting, wandering around, spending time with my family, and when funny things happen to bad people. I am surprisingly in love with running with a stroller. I’m passionate about a few things, including car seat safety and cloth diapering, and I’m always happy to discuss those things with people who are interested.

According to Ron Swanson we should never half-ass two things but should whole-ass one thing. I find that I’m more likely to 1/10th ass 10 things at any given time. This is why this blog is only updated like three times a year. Sorry, but you’ll be okay.

Some non-family things that I’m focused on this year:

Writing. Not in my blog, obvy. In a book. How’s that going? Erm….

I work in a baby store. Correction: I work in an AWESOME local baby store and I have truly fantastic co-workers. In an unexpected commitment to my craft, I have sought out a ridiculous amount of baby gear-related information. So if you ever have questions or just want to hear someone drop massive amounts of stroller knowledge I AM THAT GIRL.

I teach cloth diapering. I work in various settings including a store, a maternity consultation office, and people’s houses. My cloth diapering classes are awesome and range from free to not free. You can always contact me for more information or check for class descriptions and schedules here and here.

I run a local chapter of a cloth diapering non profit. That’s right, I give back. The Rebecca Foundation’s Cloth Diaper Closet (Austin chapter, holla!) is a national non profit dedicated to helping financially-struggling families put clean diapers on their babies. We are also on Facebook.

I make things, and often put them up for sale. I do custom crochet and sometimes even have things ready to go in my Etsy store. All profits from my handmade items go toward my little boy’s speech and occupational therapy. That’s a damn fine cause, y’all.

Wine. I’m always focused on wine. If this were a blog about wine it would be updated daily.



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